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In a nearby galaxy

Among the billions of celestial bodies that light up the sky, exists a seemingly common Brown Dwarf Star known as Veria, which orbits the massive Blue Giant, Blys, along with 5 planetary bodies.

Veria has 13 moons in her own orbit.  And the 4th of these, known as Arun, is a vibrant world, rich in histories, mysteries, dangers, and delights.

But when an unseen hand begins plotting control over all of its inhabitants, the repercussions of its plan could shatter the very fabric of the cosmos, and those who seek to stop it must first unravel an ancient mystery.

These are The Legends of Blysteria

Using the Site

All of the published chapters from the central narrative, as well as some supplemental adventures and reports, can be found on the Stories page.

To explore the world itself, visit The Map.  There you can spin the globe of Arun, zoom in on different regions, and tap on landmarks to view that location and learn more about it.

The more exotic terminologies and names used within the story will be highlighted as you read them, and you can tap on them to learn more if you so wish.

Finally, this website and Blysteria as a whole are still in pretty nascent stages, and a lot of things will be added while others taken away as Blysteria prepares for its big 2022 launch.  If you come across any issues while using the site, feel free to reach out via the contact form below, or on the instagram.

And most importantly, thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy.