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Overnight Beat Report: Warehouse District

Business as usual along most Wharfside, picked up two Ashees washed up on the Grand Planks. One had sustained a rib injury during his swim, couldn’t get up and wouldn’t shut up, so Constable Bolson ended his pains for him and we dropped him back in the harbor for the fishes and such… The other we dragged to the stockade and filed illegal entry with the court…

Quiet from then on until we heard arguing and shouting coming from Mumfree’s on Hidleston… Tavern was still operating well past curfew, saw some Tin Toppers among the crowd and told them to pack it in, then we ordered the bar closed… Had to pop a few heads to get everyone’s attention, but no infirmary injuries of note… Several usual suspects in attendance, but most on good behaviour. Got a lead on the Bellow’s murder from Scarvey Poe, filed that information separately this morning with Investigations.  Many eyes on him during our conversation, don’t be surprised to find Scarvey’s corpse before Red Night.

Other than that, Constable Bolson injured himself trying to gain information on a Blackroot shipment from one of the strung out beavers around back of Mumfree’s.  We would’ve brung her in,  but she was able to provide, er, other valuable services, and we left her with a warning.  Bolson may need some recovery time, will follow up…

After aiding Bolson to the Whites, finished patrol up market street, shift change with Constables Gordroy and Sunter at sunrise… No incidents.

Signed: Constable Druhgan